Speaking about you is easy for some people and difficult for others. For me in particular, I think each person has something unique that makes them special. I'm a person that tends to be very observant while knowing that I am being observed. I believe everything that is observed in life is something to be learned from.

            I was born in Valencia, Venezuela, South America and come from Syrian parents. I have a degree in Law and Masters in Banking. I know the contrast sounds weird with Photography but since childhood I have been traveling to many places learning about other cultures and countries. This has given me an immensely rich breadth of knowledge and expansion of mind which has helped me.

            I like to remember everything that I have known so I have taken a lot of photographs throughout my life. Many are bad and some are good. Well, who has failed to take bad photos in their life? Even the experts were wrong thousands of times before getting it right. I think at this point in my life I've walked enough. At the end of the day, especially at sunset, I reflected on life. I think at present, as in the past, to look to the future.

            The serenity of my gaze summarizes everything that I represent as a person and that I have been trying to learn all these years but in reality is hyperactive. Patience is developed throughout life, humility is learned and acceptance of all things that comes to you boils down, for me, this long journey of years that I have lived. My legacy for all those who know and knew me (at the risk of sounding like a spinster) is to be grateful to have enjoyed everything that is today and what will come to be.